Our story in a nutshell


  • Establishment of the foundation. Organization in Warsaw, the first discussion panel in Poland on the subject of the phenomenon of transparency.


  • – Signing a cooperation agreement with the Polish branch of Transparency International.
    – In cooperation with TIP, we organized a seminar for officials in Gliwice on the essence and value of the phenomenon of transparency in the office-citizen relations.
    – Participation in an international symposium, in Bucharest, on new social trends in the world – our presentation on the phenomenon of transparency in business.
    – A lecture on transparency in Brussels, for former members of the European Commission.
    – Lecture at the Adam Smith Center in Warsaw – Transparency in Business.
    – Establishing cooperation with Polish Open University – College of Management in Warsaw. We’ve managed to inspire a few scientists.


  • Establishing cooperation with KEMA Quality Polska Sp. z o.o. – a subsidiary of the Dutch global corporation in the market of management services and medical products. The current name – DEKRA.


  • From the Foundation’s inspiration, together with KEMA Quality Polska Sp. z o.o., we created the world’s first Transparency Standard – FTC 1.
    – A lecture for officials of the city of Łódź on the subject of transparency in the relations between the office and the citizen


  • Transparency dilemma– after finishing work on the FTC 1 Transparency Standard, we came to the conclusion that our understanding of this phenomenon was incomplete. Something was fundamentally wrong, but we did not know what. We decided to stop the Foundation’s activities and publish the standard until our solution, as we called it – the Transparency Dilemma.


  • Suspension of the foundation’s activity.


  • The period of research, exploration, and experiments to resolve the dilemma of transparency.


  • Transparency dilemma solved.
  • We know what is the higher level of cooperation and why Transparent Cooperation is the future.
  • We know the secret of Spiritual Capital – this is the fuel of companies of the future! JOY RULES
  • The Foundation is slowly coming back to life.
  • We will start our official activities in the summer of 2019.

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