Where do you belong, to the new or to the dying world?

1. Dead gods of men

I left the Catholic church when I was 19 years old, depression followed. Happily, a few years later I found another religion – professional career

It took me a few years to realize, that the god of career is not a friend of my soul. Yes, he gave me professional success, but there was also a secret payment with my life force, I was not aware of. This is why I fell victim to the so-called professional burnout, people know so little about

So, I left this church too and shortly after I found another religion – seeking consciousness and enlightenment. It took me another couple of years to realize that there was no such thing. The matrix is ingenious in its schemes.

5. Working with the real God

The path to real God is hard. Trials, challenges, traps, rescue operations, riddles to solve. God’s personal training is tough, but also fascinating.

If you have fears you will face them. Many self-imposed and social limitations will be overcome. Our narrow perception will be changed and extended. We will have to integrate tons of new knowledge. And there is so much other stuff.

This work is very complex and we need to take an active part in it. We must understand the various operations of God’s alchemy in our mind, body, and spirit.

So, why struggle? It makes sense, but only if you understand God’s real message to His people. 

God’s message:

All the stars, galaxies are there for us, waiting – John 14:2. The coming Apocalypse is not the end, but just the beginning, but only for those who will follow His way and His will, so we can be properly transformed and prepared to the real life among the stars – Revelation 21:7.

I hope that after reading our materials it is clear to you that we are souls, trapped within the illusions of our mind.

Most people on this planet will never be exposed to this startling revelation. Instead, they will continue their search for a good life and they will fail.

A trapped and unfulfilled epic soul will never be happy.

Let us hope this will not be your case.

Robert Wyszyński

Founder, FTC Harvest School

2. Transition

My alcohol addiction was very helpful in finding the right path to myself. I joined the 12 step program. It is a really good experience. Only one month after I had accepted my weakness – I was on my way home from a gym – suddenly a silent and gentle voice struck me with one sentence: You do not have to be perfect.

3. Getting to know the real God

A great relief followed. My healing process accelerated greatly since that experience. Only after some time, I realized I was touched by the finger of God, the living God to be precise. In order to get to know Him better, I did say goodbye to my new friends from the AA group. I was right, for real God does not create alcoholics as they believe they are. 

4. The annoying mystery 

The path to a real God is a sort of a speed race! Really!

If you are serious about your soul, there is only one option – All or nothing. You cannot be a member of the Career Church and know the real God. It is impossible. One God you may have, not two! Find the real God. This is what the second part of life is all about.

Work hard, fight and you will get a new life, new energy, new knowledge. You will conquer time. The real God is incredible! However, you can only meet him on His path, prepared by Him. It is called the Narrow Path. What’s it like? 

Read the Greek myths, the Bible, legends and watch hero movies. The Narrow Path is the royal way to save yourself from the coming Apocalypse

I have never, ever in my life came across personally a single Christian, who would understand God and His ways.

The real God is completely unknown in this world. Only by getting to know Him, we can understand who we really are, our purpose and what we are capable of. Modern sciences of development of human potential are one big joke. They all make one and the same mistake:

  • They all focus on the illusory mind and neglect the epic potential of the epic soul! 

Real God is a mystery, a very annoying mystery sometimes, but only to the illusory mind.

The epic soul can only be freed, transformed and saved via the operation of God’s inner alchemy. We must be an active part of the process. This is the essence of the New Covenant – a real and tangible relationship with the real God, material men, both religious and nonreligious are not aware of.

Warsaw, Poland, Europe

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What the Bible says is true, to the soul, not to the illusory mind! 

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