Overcoming the madness of change alone!

Conscious breakthrough 

Mostly life breakthrough is forced upon us by life itself. It can be a sickness, tragedy, insolvency. There are many ways how fate can correct our life trajectory and force us to gain more self-understanding to bring us closer to our inner truth.  

  • Are you struggling with a life crisis right now?
  • Is it at your door already?

Learn how to benefit from what seems to be negative and frightening, but in reality, is hard medicine of life itself.

Mental Detox will help you shift your perspective from running away from crisis to benefitting from it.   

Learn with us about different types of life breakthroughs.

  • What exactly must break in us, how and why?
  • How you can speed up your life breakthrough consciously? 

Join the Mental Detox. There we will lay foundations for a conscious and real-life breakthrough.

    Warsaw, Poland, Europe


    What the Bible says is true, to the soul, not to the illusory mind! 

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