Life 1.0.

Career illusion

Mediocrity must be defeated or our epic soul will die!

Every career must and can be outgrown!

I. The promise of modern career

1. The need for survival

In a Darwinian society, every young man and woman must deal with a fundamental problem:

How to fit into the society of adults? 

Initially, it is all about survival, then the bar is raised to succeeding or even flourishing in life. The choice of career seems not only natural and optimal but very attractive. What makes the charm of career so powerful? 

2. Faith and hope

Every great religion must promise something of great value, so an individual will believe in, hope and sacrifice for. Official religions promise us eternal life, but there is no tangible proof. The promise of career is very simple:

Good career leads to a good life!

And who doesn’t want to have a good life?

3. The living heroes

A young man is naturally looking for a role model. A living hero would be perfect. There we are. People with great careers are like great flagships. They are the living proof that a better future is not only a vague and distant possibility. 

So many successful people started from nothing. This is why we can identify with them so easily. They are the living embodiment of our dreams. We can become, in the not so distant future, as they are now! It is only natural that we admire, envy and respect them. They are the proof we need to sacrifice our time and energy to advance in our careers. Our living heros have already paved the way!  Career just makes sens. But there is more. 

4. Salvation is here

There is no need to wait for afterlife pleasures.  Money gives freedom and power – exactly what we need. Heaven can be achieved here, on earth. Why wait? Why believe in the invisible man in the sky? 

5. Real Gods

Every religion orbits around the idea of god. Have you seen one? Has he touched your soul or heart already? No? This is why doubt and disbelieve, especially among reasonable people, are only natural.

But look. The career religion offers an entire pantheon of gods. They are right there, in the Fortune 500, in magazines, TV shows, everywhere. We can even touch them. They talk to us in a language we can understand:  Work hard, be brave, save, be smart and you will join us! This is what life is for! Look at our homes, yachts. We own the sky with ou yets! You too can become a living god! 

6. The power of the religion of career

Which religion can bet such an offer? No ordinary man is capable to refuse careers tempting banner of success, power, prestige and social standing. Who and why would resist the calling of the ancient siren in a modern disguise? 

No wonder why so many young people join the church of modern career.

II. The dynamic of career illusion

1. Opening the first doors

The college years are great fun, but all that matters is what happens later. The initial stages of every career vary. If everything goes well he or she will quickly open doors to new life experiences: new people, projects, deals, responsibilities, perspectives, clients.

Those who are not afraid to take a risk will soon find new challenges and thrill. Is this not what life is made for? It is only natural that everyone wants to give his or her best to advance in the new field of life. 

Others, less fortunate, need to wait a bit more or work harder, but eventually, they, too, will find new opportunities and challenges that match their hopes and capabilities. The god of career is merciful, especially for young people. Most prayers will be heard.

2. First fruits

After some time, there are the first fruits of hard work. Our salaries grow, there comes promotion and more responsibility. Newly won prestige adds to our social growth.  Our circle of friends and professional contacts will expand. Many will envy our success. We will receive appreciation from family and friends. Do you need more proof that the religion of career works?

3. The meaning of life

Career is good. It will give our life direction, objectives, next steps. It will support our private goals. We can plan our future. There is a sense of security and hope. Freedom is almost at hand! In the early stages of a career there is only one way: to move forward.

There is nothing wrong with this logic! It’s just common sense. Life speaks for itself. How many times we have heard about dramas of  people who lost their job. End of career is the beginning of family problems, unpaid bills, fear of tomorrow, divorces followed shortly. Again, career is good. Absolutely no doubt about it

4. The shadow of career

Of course, life is not black or white. Career has its shadow sides. Everyone encounters nasty people, obstacles. There are times of fatigue, stress, problems at home, conflicts or even boredom. But this is just part of life. Everyone suffers from time to time. 

We say to ourselves: There is no free ride. We need to be practical and strong. All coming bills, mortgages must be paid in full. Kids need to go to school. We need money. 

All such thoughts are justified as they point to real concerns. Career helps us to combat these everyday obstacles and challenges. A mature person will embrace the good and the shadow sides of a career. And there is this law, we instinctively feel and know.

5. The basic law of career

Every career is governed by the same basic law. It doesn’t matter if you are from the USA, Italy or China. It does not matter if you are a beautiful actress, a policeman, politician, a scientist or just a clerk. The law is one and the same:

If my career grows, I grow!

This law is so obvious, there is no need for any explanations.

6. The first crack

Everything would be fine, but there is this problem. Above a certain threshold, an increase in earnings, another recognition even career advancement does not translate into more happiness. The invisible link between external growth and inner satisfaction simply does not work anymore. And it even gets worse!

7. In the trap

How is it possible that there are so many people who enter the world of career with fresh energy, enthusiasm and hopes and after 10-15 years they turn into something they would have never wanted to become? 

Many feel depleted. Their will to live becomes diminished. Depression, stress, professional burnout, you know the story.

They wanted to conquer the world now they struggle with surviving the next day. Instead of flourishing, they become alcohol, sex or drug addicts, etc. The remaining will simply take on more work to kill the inner feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction. So, they end up as workaholics.

  • All want to escape their mediocre lives! 
  • This is how they fall into a trap of never-ending change!
  • Change only will cost you time, money and energy, and in the end, it will only produce misery.

  • Are you already in the trap of seeking change? 

  • Change is not the solution to your real problem.

  • During our Mental Detox you will give a name to your real problem, so you can do something about it.

  • Learn why even the best career must and can be outgrown, and how to get ready for such a process!

Our Mental Detox will help!

The basic laws of career

  • Good career leads to a good life!

  • If my career grows, I grow!

Why do these powerful laws after 10,15,20 years turn people into a lifeless stock? Why do we believe in them?

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What the Bible says is true, to the soul, not to the illusory mind! 

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