The magic of transparent


Transparency is the foundation of the Spirit

There are 7 basic levels of cooperation.  You want to get to the fifth one – the beginning of real magic. We call it transparent cooperation.

Here, on this level, not below, you can make full use of your dreams and ideals with the help and collaboration of other like-minded people. 

Modern man has reached the 4th – win-win level. 

In order to reach the 5th level, we all have to go through the epic Apocalypse experience. There is no other way. If it will be a conscious process, you will suffer less. 

About the video – it was created in 2013 under an old banner of Psychology of illusion. This site is closed now.

It is still valid and will be valid for a long, long time because it reflects our reality.


Warsaw, Poland, Europe


What the Bible says is true, to the soul, not to the illusory mind! 

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